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Time theft, buddy punching, payroll calculation errors and leave inflation are costing you more than you realize. Simply enter the # of employees and their average hourly wage to see how much each of these things are likely costing you.

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The Workforce Platform

Your one-stop software for all workforce management needs.

Assemble to Your Need

Flexible software to configure to your unique needs

APIs for Integration

Secure and out-of-the-box APIs for integration

Data at your Fingertips

Real-time alerts, notifications, and dashboards

Top rated time clocks

Xenio line of smart time clocks are built on android platform to give users the most reliability and the best experience

Smart IoT devices

Securely connected over the internet.

Advanced biometrics

Biometrics that works for your use case.

Real-time data sync

Time Clock data synched to the cloud real-time.

Touchless device choices

Face, IRIS and Card based for touchless clock-in/out.

Time Tracking Made Easy

Modern Time and Attendance software with features that empowers you with real time visibility and decision-making abilities, resulting in efficiency and cost savings.

Control labor costs

Accurately calculate hours worked and apply overtime rules

Prevent time theft

Eliminate time theft and buddy punching for good

Better time tracking

Instant insight to manage better and decide faster

export to payroll

Seamless and powerful, yet simple export module

Scheduling reimagined

EasyScheduling is a simple yet powerful and innovative workforce scheduling solution essential for your business.

Plan, publish and manage

Plan ahead, publish or assign, and manage with ease

Mobile scheduling

Employees & managers approve shifts on-the-go

Fair workweek compliant

Manage federal, state and local laws to be compliant

Target invitation

Invite the best employee’s matched for the job

Absence done right

By providing access and visibility to both managers and employees, absence management becomes manageable and transparent.

Manage time off requests

Manage promptly on the web or on the mobile

Employee policy plans

Policy plan helps manage different employee groups

FMLA & pooled time-off

Request other pooled time-off types during an FMLA request

Flexible accrual rules

Define accrual rules including carryovers and expiration

HR made simple

HR data management made simple by centralized and secure storage, retrieval, reporting and updates.

Review and
e-Sign documents

Efficiently create, store, and share configurable document templates

Organize & track training programs

Organize and manage training programs and attendance

Manage benefit plans & groups

Configure medical, dental and vision benefit plans

Assign & manage assets

Organize company assets and track employee assignments

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Container First Services

“This unprecedented 24/7 progressive report of employee hours gives them an accurate portrayal of employee clock-ins.”

Delco Remy

“This transition to RFID cards (a one-time expense) allows for a reduction in paper use, creating a greener.”


“We have been able to automate the entire time and attendance and payroll process and can now have it all.”