Absence done right.

EasyTimeOff provides you with solutions that empower you to make real-time decisions, resulting in easily converted and organized data

The Workforce Platform

One place to take care of all your workforce management needs.

Assemble to Your Need

Flexible software to configure to your unique needs

APIs for Integration

Secure and out-of-the-box APIs for integration

Data at your Fingertips

Real-time alerts, notifications, and dashboards

Manage requests fast

Easily review and manage the time off requests your employees submit either from the web browser or mobile app.

Web browser

Process requests with more details

Mobile app

Process requests
on-the- go

Flexible configurations

Single or multi day requests

360 degrees

Process requests with a birds eye view

Powerful Policy plans

Use our powerful employee grouping system to easily define and maintain what time off configurations are given to a group of employees.

Employee grouping

Flexibly choose employees for the policy plan

Multiple policy plans

Customize time off per employee groups

Import balances

Import starting balances through CSV

Configure time off types

Request validations, max taken, full/half day, etc.


Track employees eligibility for FMLA, and pool/share other time off balances with FMLA so that employees can first request from other balances

Track eligible for FMLA

Keep records of how eligibility is determined

FMLA request

Organize by FMLA reason

Enforce priority sequence

Use up shared balances in a particular order

Finish shared balances

Use up all shared balances before FMLA

Your workforce, without limits.

Empower innovation for your business.
See how EasyWorkforce helps thousands of businesses of all sizes across major industries manage their workforce needs.


Configure various accrual engines per time off type (e.g. Vacation, Personal, etc.) and define when accruals start, accrual amounts, max accruals, etc.

Time based

Accrual based on calendar time

Work hours based

Accrue based on time & attendance

Length of service

Add accrual levels for years of service

Carryovers& expiration

Various carryover and expiration options


Setup one-time or recurring holidays and easily apply those holidays to your entire company or certain employee groups.

Recurring holidays

Automatically create holidays the next year

Premium pay options

Pay work holidays at a premium custom rate

Define holiday patterns

Automatically created based on defined patterns

Scheduled hours pay

Choose to pay holiday based on planned shift

Blackout days

Configure various sets of blackout dates and drive time off request workflows decisions

Organize by region

Create a blackout set per region with blackout dates

Automatic processing

Auto deny requests made on blackout dates

Quickly copy to next year

Easily clone and adjust blackout dates

Single or multi day

Configure single or date range blackout dates

Trusted worldwide by thousands

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Container First Services

“This unprecedented 24/7 progressive report of employee hours gives them an accurate portrayal of employee clock-ins.”

Delco Remy

“This transition to RFID cards (a one-time expense) allows for a reduction in paper use,creating a greener.”


“We have been able to automate the entire time and attendance and payroll process and can now have all.”

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Empower innovation for your business.
See how EasyWorkforce helps thousands of businesses of all sizes across major industries manage their workforce needs.